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Aetna covers items such as cleanings, cavities, root canals, and even braces. They offer three plans, whose deductibles range from $0 – $15. Options depend on if you are buying for yourself directly, or via your employer.

A Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO®) is usually a lower cost plan, and you even can choose a primary care dentist that you feel most comfortable with. Your primary dentist can refer you to a specialist if needed. If your plan covers oorthodontic work, then you can go directly to a covered orthodontist without a referral. Plans include options for no annual maximums, and no deductibles.

If you want the flexibility of seeing more dentists, then a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)** or participating dental network (PDN) may be your best option; allowing you to visit any dentist that you want. However, you are likely to pay a bit more for seeing dentists outside of the PPO or PDN netword. Deductibles and annual maximums apply here.

A dental indemnity plan gives you complete freedom of choice for any dentist that you want. These plans will likely include deductibles and annual maximums.

The Benefits for Dentists to Offer Aetna to the Customers Include:

  • Submit claims and encounters electronically
  • Perform real-time eligibility inquiries
  • Check the status of a claim
  • View DMO eligibility rosters
  • Access downcoding and bundling policies
  • Update your personal information online
  • View PPO and DMO dental office guides
  • Access continuing education courses (participating dentists)
  • Well-established networks with competitive compensation
  • Millions of Aetna Dental® members
  • Listing your office on our DocFind® online directory to attract new patients
  • A dedicated Dentist Line
  • Direct deposit of claim payments
  • Electronic submission of claims and encounters
  • Electronic real-time eligibility data
  • Discounts on products and services for your practice through our Value Plus Program
  • A newsletter for participating dentists
  • A shared concern for the oral health of Americans