With health insurance rates rising, dental insurance rates are staying constant.  Perhaps this is due to the fact that the medical industry spends more every year on research and development in order to try to solve ongoing health problems like cancer and other disease; while consumers with dental needs are not as urgent to find new solutions to old problems.

Cheap dental insurance is not hard to come by these days, if you shop around a bit. While medical insurance can cost several hundred dollars per month, affordable dental insurance might cost you a few dollars per month, and can save you thousands, should you need dental work. This is especially true if you are between jobs, in which your employer typically insures you.

It’s not uncommon to skip a few dentist visits, and end up finding out you need multiple root canals, and $10,000 worth of dental work. That has actually happened to a few people we know here in fact. Don’t procrastinate as your teeth only decay with age, and get more expensive to fix.