Secondary dental insurance is a policy that is used to cover dental expenses that have not been covered by your primary dental insurance coverage. Usually people will have secondary medical insurance because they are being covered as a dependent under a family member’s medical insurance plan. Secondary dental insurance is optional and can provide several benefits to the you.

The way that secondary dental insurance works is that the secondary company will only be billed after the primary insurance company has been billed, which is how other secondary insurance’s also work. The charges that the primary insurance company will not cover are billed to the secondary dental insurance carrier. So if you have a secondary dental insurance carrier, you will likely have limited out of pocket expenses.

If you have ever gone to the dentist then you will know that even if you have insurance you still have a hefty bill when all is said and done. The advantage of having secondary dental insurance is that they will cover the expenses that your primary dental insurance carrier does not. That means that you may not have to pay any money at all out of pocket.

Medicare patients will frequently have secondary health insurance but not secondary dental insurance. Since Part A of Medicare is usually free and pays for hospital stays, patients may choose to have another insurance company provide secondary coverage for their other medical expenses. But if you need a secondary dental plan, then we suggest you take a look at what we have to offer.

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